Unpaid Carers – The Overlooked Heroes.

The social care system in the UK is facing enormous challenges,

with a recent Carers Trust survey of 3,430 unpaid carers revealing that nearly half of the UK’s 7 million family carers feel unsupported. A staggering 41% reported that their caregiving hours had surged in the past year alone. With the present care system struggling, we – Joghide Home Care, understand the importance of providing reliable, professional care.

Joghide Home Care is committed to changing the narrative. While the current system often overlooks its carers, we believe in timely and fair wages, and we’re proud to stand apart by consistently supporting our workers in multiple ways. We recognise the challenges faced by caregivers, and we strive to be part of the solution.

The study showed the immense strain felt by carers: 12% mentioned a rise in their caregiving hours by over 50 hours weekly. Another 36% said they had an equivalent rise of 20-49 hours weekly. These figures are a testament to the relentless dedication of these unacknowledged heroes.

Disparities were evident too. Older carers, female carers, as well as those from ethnic minority and LGBT+ communities, reported greater difficulties in finding support. In fact, a mere 16% from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds were directed towards support by local councils. The figures were even lower for LGBT+ carers, with only 4% being signposted by local authorities.

The main benefit available for these hardworking individuals is the Carer’s Allowance. However, 38% of the respondents felt it wasn’t substantial enough to create a meaningful difference in their lives. Kirsty McHugh, CEO of Carers Trust, expressed her concern, noting the urgency of overhauling the allowance and ensuring the support becomes more inclusive and accessible.

At Joghide Home Care, we echo McHugh’s sentiments. Recognising the pivotal role caregivers play in society, we emphasise the importance of fair treatment and support for them. We understand the sacrifices many make, often giving up paid jobs to care for loved ones, which is why we offer competitive compensation to our staff and ensure they feel valued and supported.

In conclusion, this survey is a clarion call to address the needs of the UK’s seven million unpaid carers. The dedication and sacrifice of these individuals cannot go unnoticed. As we continue to champion for their cause, it is crucial that businesses, organisations, and the government join hands to fix the social care system, ensuring everyone gets the support they deserve.

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Marek Niedzwiedz, CEO