3 main areas that UK’s homecare firms provide service to

Today, we are going to dive into some statistics about the home care industry services in the UK. So, what are the 3 main areas that UK’s firms provide service to:

Physical support is the largest service segment in the Domiciliary Care industry. This segment can be further subdivided into support for access and mobility and personal care support. In the current year, physical support is expected to account for 63% of industry revenue during 2023. This service segment has been increasing as a proportion of industry revenue over the past five years owing to the UK’s ageing population. 

Learning disability support is anticipated to account for 25% of industry revenue during 2023. It covers a very wide spectrum of industry services provision, including providing care to keep clients safe and free from harm or neglect, assisting in independent living, providing support with social or educational activities, and helping with communication. 

Mental health support covers care provided to clients with any mental health-related issues. This can include providing care to clients to help them live independently, support to improve home conditions, support to go out, and assisted travel. This segment is expected to account for 7.5% of industry revenue in the current year. 

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